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Steps to a Positive Life
Competent therapy begins with seasoned professionals who are capable of committing themselves to your positive mental health.

Today, life is stressful. Balancing the personal and professional aspects of life is rarely easy. Add to these normal problems more complex ones, like dealing with marriage or family difficulties, or chronic illness and you may need a helping hand.

At Lansing Psychological Associates, we want to help. With a comprehensive range of psychotherapy and counseling for all ages we are sure to create a plan that works for you. We work with adults - as individuals, parents or partners. We can help children - as part of the family unit, or individually through play therapy. We also help adolescents deal with school and peer group problems, rebelliousness, anger, grief, depression and communication problems.

There are a variety of therapy models both long and short-term. We help you set your own goals and understand that you need to practice specific skill, behaviors and thoughts to meet those goals. Our staff provides the safe, caring environment in which to make the first few steps to a positive life.